Day 1 - July 3rd, 2018

Mti Mkubwa


2.5 miles/4 km

3 hours

We arrived at Mount Kilimanjaro National Park at around noon. After the sign in process and a hardy lunch, we set off by bus for the beginning of the Lemosho Route Trail.

We walked through the lush and misty rainforest for around three hours pausing only for snack breaks and occasional monkey sightings.

Arriving at the camp just after 6:00 pm, we crawled into our comfortably appointed tents to unpack and lay out our bedding. Then we were off to the mess - tents to feast on a supper of fish, rice, potatoes and more.

Tonight we fall asleep resting with full bellies and high hopes for day two on the mountain.

Kilimanjaro National Park sign