Day 7 - July 9th, 2018

Summit/Millennium or Mweka Camp

Summit: 19,340-ft/5,895-m

Summit: 3.75 miles/4.5 km

Summit: 7-9 hours

Crater Camp: 18,700-ft/5,700-m

Crater Camp: 1.5 miles/2.4 km

Crater Camp: 1.5 hours

Today started at 3:30 am! The group stumbled groggily out of their tents into the freezing Kilimanjaro morning for breakfast.

Our ascent began in the dark with our headlights fixed to our heads and our parkas zipped up to our chins.

Before long the sun had risen and we took a break to allow for the removal of layers and the consumption of snacks and water.

It was only as Stella Point (ones of Kilimanjaro's three summits) grew close that the fatigue caused by exhaustion and unfamiliar altitude set in amongst the group.

Mt Kilimanjaro summit

Everything at the summit was bleak, white and spectacular! We saw some of the most amazing views yet of huge glaciers and the surrounding summits and slopes.

After celebrating at the peak, each of us hobbled down the mountain ready for a good night's sleep and feeling so proud of what we accomplished!

Mount Kilimanjaro summit sign