Day 8 - July 10th, 2018

Mweka Camp


8.3 miles/12 km

8-9 hours

We began our descent down the mountain.

After a summit day that was harrowing for some and exhausting for all, the relatively easier downhill journey today was welcomed by all, though it presented its own challenges -- the downhill hike proved hard on the knees and quads although the thicker air was appreciated.

On our way down we noted the distinct and exciting change from the moorland environment at Barafu Campsite to rainforests like surroundings which signalled our closeness both to Mweka Campsite in the rainforest and the park gate which we would reach only a day later.

Our last supper on the mountain was filled with laughter, conversation and much reminiscing about a very successful Summit for Literacy Climb!